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Export Wholesale Price *Synthetic PVC Main Entrance Doors, Producer of Synthetic Frames from Greece

For Export ! Synthetic PVC Main Entrance Doors, Producer of Synthetic Frames from Greece

DAUWIN - Synthetic PVC Main Entrance Doors
The front doors of DAUWIN made of PVC are equipped with five-point locks ensuring the necessary security that an external door must have, but also with reinforced adjustable hinges, rubbers and electrical mechanism for opening and closing. In addition to their technical specifications, the synthetic front doors are available in an impressive range of colors and designs that meet all requirements.

DAUWIN Synthetic Frames The epitome of technology in aiding residences with low energy footprint today is the selection and installation of synthetic frames.

The DAUWIN composite rigid PVC frames of aluplast Kunstoffenster, the renowned German brand, are characterized by their high quality and durability in compliance with the standards set by the EU.

The synthetic frames of DAUWIN meet all the necessary conditions contributing to the creation of a PassivHaus (passive house), i.e. a building with high energy efficiency and reduced energy footprint, where low energy is needed to heat or provide cooling throughout its spaces.

The specifications of DAUWIN synthetic frames that are characterized as champions in economy include:

Certification of thermal transmittance (Uw = 1,3 1,4W/(m.K)
Energy loss up to 3 times lower than the prescribed limits
Resistance to wind load (Class C4/Β4)
Long life (40 to 50 years)
Possibility of recycling to almost 100% for at least seven times
The mechanisms of DAUWIN composite PVC frames of the German firm SIGENIA are available in silver and are characterized by extremely high durability, functionality and above all safety.

DAUWIN PAPAVASILIOU has its own certified installation crews, who responsibly and with expertise take on the fitting of the synthetic frames, thereby assuming all responsibility, from production to final placement.



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